Motivation & personality

Motivation & personality

This module examines the relationships between organisational types, psychological preferences and organisational behaviour, motivation and peformance. The module inroduces a range of personality tests, such as Hogan, Myers- Briggs, etc.  and uses the Belbin test to enable participants to tie the two together and experience a personality test for themselves.

As increasing amounts of resources are being allocated to developing key performers in businesses, so efforts to better understand the characteristics of such performers have grown also.  However, too often profiling techniques are used out of context, without consideration of what competencies and characteristics might be most appropriate in different organisational contexts and models.

Thinking beyond the psychological contract as an implicit deal which delivers Maslow's fundamental human needs, the module looks at the growing interest in intrinsic motivation as a central pillar of the soft HRM model with talent management. 

The module examines, in some detail, different types of peoples motivational needs and what motivates people to deliver excellence. 


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